The National Park Llogora

The National Park Llogora located on the slope of Mount Llogora has an altitude of 400-1300 meters from the sea level covering an area of 1010 hectares. A magnificent horizon opens from the Llogora slope providing a unique view of the lovely landscapes of the south Albanian Riviera, only available at this spot. It is a true natural masterpiece. It has been a well-known national park for years in numerous guide books. The slope of Mount Llogora also has a strategic location. It is the only land passage uniting the Ionian coasts with the peninsula in Vlore. Even in the ancient times it has been used as a passage. Julius Cesar moved his troops through this passage to Orikum. Today the national road Sarande-Vlore goes through Llogora.

At this natural paradise only the top of the mountains see the sun. A unique shade and mystery cover the area offering unparallel beauty making Llogora one of nature's miracles in Albania.
Mount Llogora is of great importance to the climate of the whole riviera.

Llogora Tourist Village

Llogora Tourist Village is located in the heart of the National Park Llogora covering an area of 12 klm. It consists of 16 challets, a four-floor hotel with a heated pool, the Beer Club, a taver, a restaurant, a bar, basket-ball court, a conference room as well as two extra rooms of smaller capacity which serve as event- and- family- meetings facilities. While the temperature in spring in other cities of Albania reaches high levels, the tepretarure in Llogora reaches during the day 10 degrees minimum and during the night 10-12 degrees. This offers α natural cool breeze during the day and a sweet night sleep. In the winter Llogora Resort is covered with snow.
At the beautiful area of Llogora Tourist Village deers and reindeers are running aroung giving a magical color at your holidays.